Tourists (in Cairo) for the Weekend!

Expats can be tourists too, right?! Even though we live only 30 minutes from the Pyramids, we only go when people come to visit. But they are such an incredible sight. No matter how many times I’ve seen then, I am always awestruck by their beauty and the impossibility of how they could have been built thousands of years ago!


Many people think the Giza Pyramids are the only pyramids in Egypt, but that’s not true. There are many others that even preceded the Giza Pyramids, such as the ones in Sakkara and Dashour. The archeologists say that every day a new pyramid is discovered. While the Giza Pyramids are by far the most popular and grand, the other sites are not to be missed since they have very well preserved temples covered in amazing hieroglyphics!

We finished off the weekend with horseback riding into the desert sunset overlooking the pyramids. All of these tourist activities can be exhausting, but it’s well worth the experience.

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