Love&Laughs ♥

I know I’m a little late for Valentine’s Day, but since Peter was in Dubai for the week we had to celebrate this weekend.

Since we both aren’t much for Valentine’s Day, we came up with a challenge. We had  to spend 100 Egyptian pounds or less (which is about $6) for the tackiest present we could find. And in Egypt, they really go big on Valentines day, and very kitschy displays found everywhere, so tacky is the name of the game.

Item: A heart shaped red pillow with our photo printed on it. It was the perfect tacky presenting, but it was also really embarrassing to explain what to the shopkeepers. The worst part was the only time I could pick it up was before a work dinner when the CEO was in town, so I attended the dinner with the pillow in tow. I was building my character as my dad would say.

Price: 80 Pounds 


Peter’s present for Caitlin

Item: Glass bobblehead. He returned from Dubai with a glass bobblehead of a Gulfi man in his traditional white garb and head scarf and sunglasses. Although tacky, he did stray from the Valentine’s theme.

Price: 100 Pounds 


Which do you vote as the tackiest Valentine’s present?


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